Three Pizza's Joints in Throggs Neck You Have To Check Out

By Em Guzman / Photography By Em Guzman | December 12, 2016
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One thing that’s undeniably true about the Throggs Neck neighborhood is that they have, at the very least, three of the most impressive pizza joints this city has to offer and all within walking distance of each other.


Tommy’s Pizza (4033 East Tremont Ave)

A prime example of how the Bronx is crushing the competition when it comes to old-school New York style pizza. A welcoming little hole in the wall, one that should be getting more attention than it is. This is like 30K Instagram followers worthy—it’s that good.

As prepared as I was to love the regular slice, I was blown away by the Sicilian slice. I did not expect that. The dough is incredible but what really makes it exceptional is that it isn’t 10% cheese and sauce and 90% crust. It has the perfect ratio of all three ingredients. I can wholeheartedly say, with all the confidence in the world, you will not find a better Sicilian slice.

Now let’s get to the main attraction: the classic thin crust slice. In one word: PHENOMENAL. In three words: GO GET IT! Just like the Sicilian, the ratio of cheese to sauce is spot on and their crust is unreal. Crusty, chewy and soft.

Taste this good should not be confined to one neighborhood. Tommy’s Pizza is the kinda place that needs to be experienced by outside folk (hint, hint), it’s a well-kept secret that every pizza enthusiast needs to know about.

LOUIE & ERNIE'S (1300 Crosby Ave)

The pizza at Louie & Ernie's is what got me interested in uncovering the best pizza in the Bronx. One bite of any of their slices and you'll be sent skyrocketing out of this world. It got me thinking about what other hidden gems could be found not only in the borough but this very neighborhood.

No holds bar authentic pizza that'll have you wondering how this place isn't on the cover of every food magazine in America. If this spot was located somewhere in Brooklyn, I can guarantee you it would be on everyone's To-Eat list, lucky for us; it's in the Bronx.

Even if you're not into thin crust pizza, this place is a must try. Located in a cozy house on a sleepy little block, L&E's has the feeling of an old school neighborhood pizza joint because that's precisely what it is—you feel it the moment you step inside. The service is excellent (they even bring your slice to you, yes!) To recommend one or two slices over any others would be a culinary crime. Come here often and sample everything. I've done it, and while I've added some unwanted lb’s—it's all in the name of pizza. 

Photo 1: Pepperoni slice from Louie and Ernies
Photo 2: Sausage slice from Louie and Ernies
Photo 3: White slice from Louie and Ernies

EMILIO'S PIZZA (3843 Tremont Ave)

If Tommy's Pizza and Louie & Ernie's were all about celebrating the glory of thin crust pizza, its simplicity, and for the most part, keeping things traditional, then Emilio's is the outlier of the three.

While I can wax poetic about how tasty their plain slice is, truth is you don't come here for that. You come here for the toppings—and Emilio's is all about the toppings. Lasagna on top of a Sicilian is absolute heaven. Even something as common as chicken on your pizza is something to behold here. Having a regular slice is great, but having a "deep dish" version of chicken pizza, surrounded by layers of oozing cheese and crisp veggies, its the only way to go. Come here any time of day, and you're guaranteed to find a few dressed up slices to choose from, though you won't find any thin crust here this is straight up party pizza. 

Photo 1: Cheese slice from Emilios
Photo 2: Veggie slice from Emilios
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